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rather than me talk about me, here’s what a few incredibly talented/savvy/cool people have to say.


Eddie has an innate respect for a brand's purpose and place in the heart of a

consumer. I worked with him on one of the most beloved brands of our time. That

respect and understanding is something he brought to every project he led.

  Pio Schunker /

EVP, Head of Global Brand Marketing, Samsung 

     Former SVP, Head of Integrated Marketing, Coca-Cola          

Over the last 15 years of knowing Eddie, he's been a client. He’s been a

creative partner, a friend, a brother, a champion of visual style and a crafter of

ideas. Ideas you fall in love with because they get at the simple nugget of truth.

It’s like why comedians are funny, because of that one insight or observation. 

But that’s Eddie. It’s who he is. And it’s what you get when he’s part of your life.


Erin Sarofsky /

Owner and Executive Creative Director of SAROFSKY


With Eddie as my partner, we increased our clients spend over 700%

in one year. We also staffed to meet the incredible growth. And, we created

work that grew their business quarter after quarter. It was part monumental

task and part roller coaster ride.  And we did it together.

Jay Winn /

SVP, Account Director / Ogilvy NY


Trust me, as an EP I’ve worked with a lot of creative directors. But Eddie’s vision,

strategic thinking and heart for the work is unmatched. He has an honest gift for

leading people, the agency and the client.


Erin Sullivan / 

Director of Content Development for Not Impossible 

Former Senior Producer @ Beats by Dre / Content Management Agent, CAA



I’m convinced that one out of every ten creative talents I meet have somehow

been taught or mentored by Eddie Snyder. As a working Creative Director

or CCD, he was also a teacher at two of the top creative schools in the country.

Elevating talent is part of Eddie’s DNA.


Mary Ann Frerman /

Senior Recruiter, JWT / Atlanta and Houston


Eddie is a modern storyteller. He can create a brand message that makes

a company look and feel more human. And he respects the talent others

bring to building the story. Cutting with him is a celebration of partnership.

It’s why I love working with him.


Josh Bodnar /

Senior Editor, White House Post / LA

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